These days in the Satpura Tiger Reserve Park, located in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, the walking of tigers remains the center of attraction and curiosity for the tourists. In the Churna and Madhai ranges of STR, tourists coming with the desire to see tigers are getting close up of  tigers on the roads. A few days ago, a group of businessmen from Hoshangabad reached the Churna range of Satpura Tiger Reserve to see the tigers. They got to see tigers from close in the STR area itself.  STR and near Banjari Mai near Tawanagar were also seen roaming the garden on the road.

After the video of these tigers roaming on the road went viral on social media, the Forest Department has appealed to the tourists coming to Satpura to go to the safari area with caution.

In the forest of Baghdev of Itarsi, information was being received about a pair of tigers roaming around for about a month. Many times in the forest, while doing duty at Kesla railway station, the employees have seen the tiger roaming and hunting many times.

The information of which has been given by the employees of Kesle railway station to the Forest Department. After which the Forest Department has given instructions to the railway employees and the people of the surrounding rural areas to be alert, confirming that it is a tiger.