On Wednesday, 28 cheetals were released from the National Park Pench in Seoni in the Satpura Tiger Reserve (STR) of Narmadapuram. There is a plan to bring a total of 2000 cheetals from Pench and release them in the forest of Satpura. So far 1100 cheetals have been released here. All the cheetahs were released in the grasslands in the presence of the officials of the Satpura National Park management. As soon as they got out of the vehicle, Cheetals started enjoying.  Within no time, flocks of cheetals were seen on the banks of a lake. Shifting of reindeer is also being done in STR. Last month, 12 reindeer were released in the forest area.

Enough Prey for the Tigers 

The purpose of releasing the chital in the STR is to provide sufficient food to the tigers. According to STR officials, adequate availability of prey is helping a lot in the conservation of tigers. The number of tigers has also reached from 47 to 52. There has also been an increase in the number of other wildlife in the area.

Boma technique being used

Boma technique is being used for displacement of cheetal. According to STR management, Boma is a technique in which anaesthetics are not used to capture any wild animal. The natural environment is prepared so that there is no fear in the wildlife in any way.

Experts believe that sometimes due to fear, there is a danger of getting sick of the wildlife. Boma technique is used so that there is no adverse effect on health. This technique was first used in Bhopal Van Vihar. STR's field operator L Krishnamurthy said that 28 cheetals have been brought on Wednesday, which have been released in the forest of STR.